May 22, 2024

Services woodpathway through forestI provide counseling therapy and workshops for:

Couples Counseling: There are two common themes I have noticed among couples who come to therapy.  Often they have not had a “date” (by my definition) in 12-18 months or more.  Secondly, they do not communicate well together.  The starting place is with communication.  If two people are not able to communicate, they have little chance of resolving any deep issue.  See Couples Counseling for further information.

Families Counseling: I begin by connecting with the family as a whole.  This helps me come to an understanding of the paradigm of the family.  The second step is to create enough harmony to make room for better communication.   My experience is when there is disharmony in a family it often shows through one or two family members.  It may appear through a child/teen acting out or disengaging/withdrawing with/from the family when the issues may lay with the lack of structure, routine, or reasonable limits. See Family Counseling for further information.

Parental Counseling: As a parent, I understand the complexities of raising children.  There are three guidelines that are a must in raising children of any age.  Consistency, routine, and reasonable (age appropriate) limits.  These three guidelines create a feeling of safety for the children.  There is much more to raising children, however, these three are foundational. See Parental Counseling for further information.

Individual Counseling: All couples and families begin with two or more individuals coming together to create the couple-hood or the family unit.  When one person in a couple-hood or family makes a shift that is permanent, the others in the relationship are forced to adapt or leave.  Therefore there is a good rational to work on becoming the best “you”, you can be.

Together with the client(s) we sift through current life challenges, looking for the wellness on which to build.

Workshops: I provide workshops on a variety of topics such as:

  • Check-Mate (a Pre-engagement course)
  • Pre-marital and Marriage
  • Communication/Conflict resolution
  • Parenting
  • Personality profiles
  • Coping with Bereavement