May 22, 2024

The Therapy Process

The clinicians at Cultivating Lives offer one-to-one therapeutic counseling. Their objective is to work together with couples, families, and individuals, towards their goals of reconciliation, emotional growth, grief, trauma, postpartum depression, spiritual growth (when requested), and psychological health. The clinicians at Cultivating Lives come alongside clients and work together to affect positive-growth and change.

At Cultivating Lives for Life, we invite both a holistic and cooperative approach. The holistic approach advocates that body, soul and spirit are integrated and inseparable. Generally, if something is amiss in our lives it is due to the neglect of one of these areas. The cooperative approach stresses individual responsibility, collaboration, client self-determination, and goal setting.  The clinicians at Cultivating Lives combine multi-faceted therapeutic techniques and skills with Christian values (where applicable).  They are committed to a high standard of integrity, confidentiality, and respect for all clients and the diverse community they serve.