June 13, 2024

Counseling Services for Couples, & Individuals

What does your summer hold for you?

Struggling with trauma, postpartum depression, grief, anxiety, life transitions, or relational issues?

At Cultivating Lives, we come alongside to help you heal, live life, love, and laugh again.

All couples, families, and communities have one thing in common; You

Offering In-Person & Virtual Sessions

Richard Langston

Richard Langston RP                     
Clinical Director/Reg. Psychotherapist
Specialty areas: Relational themes such as (but not limited to)  Communication, Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation, Pre-engagement Counseling, Pre- marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Intimacy, and Spirituality.

Amanda Ablett RP
Registered Psychotherapist
Welcome to your journey towards wellness! I’m a therapist with a specialty in helping people work through trauma, birth trauma, grief, postpartum depression. I also worked with young moms struggling with substance abuse as well as those with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Don’t walk alone, allow me to be a part of your journey, supporting you on your path to healing and joy.”

Cultivating Lives comes alongside you. Together we sift through life challenges while building on the wellness found within you. Bringing healing, growth, and balance into your life, adding joy, love, and hope to you and those around you.

Meeting you where you are in your life experience allows you to tap into your inner resources and strengths.  Combining your inner resources with our experience, professional knowledge, and understanding, will help provide fresh insight, hope and strategies in making shifts needed for long term positive change.

Come and Experience: Counseling professionally designed to be and feel personable. Phone (905) 488-7755email or click Book An Appointment, to find the support you need at Cultivating Lives Counseling Services. Where we work to Cultivate Lives for Life.

In addition to providing therapy, Cultivating Lives Counselling Services Brampton provides workshops on various topics such as: pre-marital/marriage, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, grief, and others.

"Life is not about waiting for your moment.
It is about making the most of the moments you have."