June 13, 2024

Amanda Ablett, RP

Amanda Ablett - trauma and grief therapist

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Welcome to your journey towards wellness! I’m a therapist with a focus in helping people work through trauma, birth trauma, grief, postpartum depression, and other challenges.
Allow me to be a part of your journey, supporting you on your path to healing and joy.

I’ve worked with young moms struggling with substance abuse as well as those experiencing grief, complicated grief, and trauma. I also work with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Don’t walk alone, allow me to walk with you.

I take a personalized, multi-theoretical approach to therapy, drawing from a range of techniques to find the best path with you. I’m respectful of your individuality, relationships, and roles. Let us work together to overcome the challenges of trauma or grief.

I’m passionate about helping people heal and find fulfillment. Start your journey towards wellness with me today. I look forward to celebrating your successes with you