Feb 102013

Ever wonder why there are times when you go to counseling yet nothing changes?  Why you expressed your feelings and it “appeared” s/he understood, yet nothing changes?

Many times this is due to a misunderstanding of what the counseling process is all about.  Counseling is not like going to the doctor where s/he gives you an antibiotic to take when you leave.  With the antibiotic, all you need to do is remember to take the pill.  In psychotherapy or couples counseling one not only need remember to take the pill, but one must also swallow it with “intention” to “digest” it.

I often remark to my clients prior to their leaving the first session, “if you check at the door as you leave what you have learned today, life will be no different upon your return”.   Couples counseling is a combination of discovery of self and other.  It includes tools and suggested resources such as readings, videos, simulcast, classes, and the like. Continue reading »